Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spinach 101

First of all, I know many of you planted your spinach a month ago...when the soil could be "worked". I realize I could already be eating lovely lettuce and sensational spinach and not spending Paul Bunyan's hard earned cash on plastic containers of the organic stuff. I know this. But, well, life gets in my way (a lot!) and here I am...today...finally...planting...my spinach. Plus, I needed two goombas for cheap labor, and they're hard to pin down.

This box was left for naught at the end of last fall. So, for obvious reasons we needed to weed first.

That's what the goombas are for.

Look, they can rake pretty good too.

And plant pretty good too.

Yes, now we need to pray that it stays cold enough so we can feast on the green leafy goodness. Oh, and that I can get my peas in. Yea, Yea...I know, I should have had them in today too. But give a girl a break, the goombas are needy little suckers.

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