Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Beautiful Day For A Haircut (and tiny packages)

Nicole, the very nice woman at Hairy Bear, cuts the boy's hair in the fall and winter. They love going because they get to sit in:

1) a jeep with windshield wipers that go back and forth
2) or on top of a motorcycle
3) or on top of a horse
4) or in a pink car
5) or in a yellow race car
6) and they get a lollipop
7) and a balloon

Paul Bunyan gets to cut it in the spring and summer. He loves it. They don't. Why? There are no jeeps, race cars, or horses. And most definitely, there are no balloons and lollipops. So, in order to bribe the goombas into cutting their long locks, I had to run down to the "country store" to get lollipops. When I returned to the homestead...

Life was about to change...

For a certain Timmy G.

And a Mr. Auggie Doggie.

Auggie's flat top has gotta go. It's not so good.

I think he concurs.

But Timmy G...he's pretty proud of the mohawk.

It has led to increased confidence.

And along with his new sneakers, a little hair gel, and his tiny package...nothing will get in his way. NOTHING!!

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  1. You're damn straight it increases confidence. Who messes with a man with a mohawk. Looks great. Go Timmy! Peace. Aaron Millon