Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beautiful People

I realize that this is a really crappy photo of Paul Bunyan's tattoo. My camera battery died when I was finally able to pin him down long enough to rip his shirt off. I had to resort to the old point and shoot.

But I was able to find his original sketch that he sent me from the dark state of Alaska, where he designed and paid for and then received his painful body art.

This is the Hopi Sun symbol. Paul Bunyan grew up going to this boy's summer camp and while up in the northern, bug infested woods of Minnesota, he was immersed in Native American lore. When I asked him last night how he came up with this symbol, for the very thing he wanted to paint permanently on the center of his back, he said "I dunno". Seriously, you don't know? You simply don't have some really deep reason that you chose this symbol over all the crazy Hopi symbols (like the Symbol of the Plumed Serpent, or the Corn Maiden Kachina, or the Hopi eagle, or the Spider Woman's house). Well, "I dunno" wasn't good enough for me. So, I've made up my own answer:

I chose the Hopi Sun symbol because I believe that I was once a Sun God in another life and that in the broad valleys where my people had their agricultural lands, 600 feet below their villages on the mesa, they planted widely spaced hills of corn, beans and melons and peppers. I was paramount in their lives and helped their peach and apricot trees bear excellent fruit, and all were able to flourish because of me.

Doesn't that sound better? Anyway, I think Paul Bunyan may have had something to do with the sun shining on us all yesterday. It was supposed to be raining with thunderstorms. And we had planned an evening of eating, and drinking and playing, which isn't very fun to do indoors, especially when the newly mowed green grass beckons like a fresh baked cookie.

We were lucky enough to be joined by beautiful people.

Including this beautiful person, whom we have yet to meet; although we are very excited for its arrival in the next few weeks. We're waiting with baited breath beautiful person!!

And there was this beautiful person, whom Mud birthed almost 5 (!!) years ago.

Oh, and this isn't so beautiful. We could do without these. Any guesses?

Look at those eyes...

And then we have these beautiful people...yay girls! Girls!!

And this beautiful person (the woman, not the baby just quite yet) is my friend Jen.

Here is Jen RSVPing to our barb-a-que

090524_001 - Jen B.

Oh, and now let's meet this beautiful person.

This is Cally...short for McCalister Jane

Yea, I know...she's beautiful.

This is Cally's beautiful mother.

Are you kidding me?? Seriously?

And this is Cally's beautiful Daddy.

There aren't many things more beautiful than a father and his daughter.

Don't hate him when you're 13, Ms. Cally Jane.

Oh, and then there are all these beautiful people too. They're crazy beautiful.

Thank you Sun God for showering us with sun (and the crazy beautiful people you helped me create).

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