Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's Official!! We're goin' to the Fonz's house...

It was unfortunate that the R.S.V.P. card for the Winkler wedding was just a blank piece of cardboard. As Vermont hicks, with little to no wedding etiquette, we didn't quite know what to write back. With no lines to write on, or boxes to check, we were (for certain) confused. I'm sure we should have said something like Mr. and Mrs. August Ganzenmuller IV, with the utmost appreciation, accept your invitation to attend the wedding of your daughter to Mr. Robert Reinis. Or Mr. and Mrs. Ganzenmuller IV will be present at the festivities in your garden on June 27th, 2009. Or Mr. and Mrs. Ganzenmuller IV would be honored to accept your invitation to the wedding of your only daughter, Zoe. Or even, Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Fonz for your gratious invitation. Mr. and Mrs. Ganzenmuller IV would be honored to accept it.

Instead, this is all we could come up with. I'd love to know what you think.

I think it's good. And it does the trick!! Don't ya think??


  1. i love it! you guys definitely win the most creative award. ds

  2. the whole point was to do something creative homesteading hussey not write something formal
    - defender of fonz's daughter.

  3. and for the record...not everything about la is stuffy and vapid and superficial. sure, that element exists but there are a lot of good people with good intentions and a very relaxed vibe out here on the left coast...

  4. I loved the blank slate for creative ingenious, Mr. Robert. I, obviously, took advantage of it. I think you misunderstood who I was making fun of here...definitely not l.a.!! And most definitely US and the very funny, and down right ridiculousness of wedding etiquette!

  5. As a fellow vermont hick I have to say I would be abit perplexed "oops did they forget to print this one?"
    On the other hand i think you & Paul look just mahvulus!!! must be all that goomba & ballerina truckin and PB's splittin'
    have fun but don't yell "yee haa " at the end!