Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mr. Tooth Fairy, Mr. Santa Claus, and Mr. Easter Bunny

Setting: The Bus (my van) is stopped at a traffic light on the way to school. No music is playing, however, the Jeep next to us has a muffler that is about to fall off.

Claire: So, who else would leave coins under my pillow? Who else would do that but the Tooth Fairy?

Me: I don't know honey.

Claire: And who else would eat the Christmas cookies and leave presents at Christmas time?

Me: Hmm, I don't know.

Claire: And who would leave us all that candy at Easter? Who else would do that?

Me: (doing all I can to stop laughing) I don't know.

Claire: I just can't figure out how the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, and the Easter Bunny were born.

Me: Well, it's magic. Sometimes magic is unexplainable.

hmmm...seems pretty self-explanatory to me:

Mr. Tooth Fairy

Mr. Santa Claus

Mr. (Drunk) Easter Bunny

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