Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Little Slice of Summer

We almost got a goat. Paul Bunyan thought we could just chain him up outside the house and build him a dog house and he could eat the lawn...and then he (PB) would never, ever have to mow the lawn again. We tried to herd the alpacas up the hill to chow on the long grass last week. We didn't have enough herders. I don't usually see Paul Bunyan get pissed. He was pissed. It didn't work.

Paul Bunyan's been trying to come up with every excuse to NOT mow the lawn. He even had to go so far as to replace a culvert in the dirt road, which leads up to the pole barn, which is where the mower is stored over the winter. He said (yesterday) that maybe we should just let the grass keep growin' so that we could harvest the seed and sell our very own, local (!), grass seed.


Here's why I don't like the grass so long:

1) the dogs still shit in it
2) the kids can't see where the dogs have shit in it
3) the kids step in the shit because they can't see where the dogs have shit in it
4) the kids track the shit, that they couldn't see, that's in their shoes, into the house, where you know who, has to pick it up

So I was very happy to see that this was happening today.

I just love a man and his son on the tractor...

even though I know it's completely against all rules of safety to have a child on the tractor while it's running.

Here is the littlest grunt cleaning up the toys in the yard. Poor Grunt, he got the short end of the stick.

And now I'm spying on the beauty of the event through the tamarack tree, just so Paul Bunyan can't see my excitement.

Get out of my way tree.

Yes, now we're talking.

Ooooh, what is that?

Ooooh, I think I like that back. Yes, I know I like that back.

It's the same one I couldn't stop wrapping myself around when you were wooing me thirteen years ago. Remember that? Paul Bunyan? Do you remember?? Oh, Right. I won't bother you. You're too busy mowing. Thank you, by the way. Oh, and have I told you lately? I really like your tattoo.

*more about Paul Bunyan's tattoo tomorrow

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