Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Sun Is Shining...You Know What That Means

Okay, this is going to be's supposed to rain tomorrow. Find yourself some beautiful local seeds.

Then add some gorgeous local dirt. YEA! Local dirt, there is nothing like it!

Then you get yourself two goombas...they're cheap labor.

You fill up peat planting containers (totally organic!) with local dirt.

Yea, it's so hot today (because the sun is shining) that we're in our bare feet...and hats. But the next step is to water the dirt...yes, water the dirt. And while you're filling up the watering can in the bathroom, please don't leave the water running so that it spills out the spout of the watering can and all over the floor, like a certain goomba did today. He lost 2 cents for that.

Next, take finger (as shown below) and insert into said dirt. Please note: this is not the sucking thumb!

Now...plant seeds. Tomatoes, I recommend. Maybe some cukes, possibly some zucchini. You decide. Let germinate. Needs sun (or grow lights). Let it stop snowing. Plant in the ground. Eat good food...local, right out your back door local. Nothing like it. You try.

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  1. This is great stuff and great writing! Can't wait to read more and wish y'all were down in DC with us!