Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Seed Planter Friend

This is Kerry. She is my seed planter friend. She's the one who planted the alpaca seed in Paul Bunyan's head. She also shared a community garden plot with me when we were in grad school together. Her half of the garden was much cleaner, neater, less weedier than mine. She's type A. I'm type F. She's still my friend, even though she has red lights in her house.

This is the wedding cake I made for Kerry and her husband Sam. They got married in a barn. It was round.

This is Kerry's kitchen in her new post and beam house, which Kerry's brother-in-law built for them. Everyone has lived to tell about it. This is what a type A kitchen looks like. I won't show you what a type F kitchen looks like. Kerry made me dinner on Monday night. The first time she made me dinner, she cooked me the best chicken burritos I've ever had.

This is Boone. He's kind of a boner.

Here's Moses. He has major issues.

But he's grown into them.

I like that Kerry has dogs, because I like dog people.

I like that Kerry lives on a mountain and that it was a blizzard when I left her house. It calms me to know that I still have time to plant my seeds.

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