Sunday, April 19, 2009

Meet and Greet the Animals...The Real Ones

Hi there. How are you? We're doing just fine. Thanks for asking. Do you want to meet us? We're very friendly; well, one of us isn't so friendly, but that's okay. Where do you want to start? With the oldest first, okay. We can do that.

This is Julia. We didn't name Julia. She came from Northwest Alpacas in Oregon. They say she was born in 1994, but we don't know for sure since she was imported from Peru. But she's our old lady; and, unfortunately, maybe, possibly, unable to breed for us anymore. Which is definitely sad, considering the amount we paid for her.

This is Bianca. We didn't name her either. She came from Oregon too. She's the not so nice one. She's the spitter. I can't get a good face to face picture of her because she would have hocked a loogi (is that how you spell that?) at my camera. She's a good mommy, though, and that's why we bought her.

updated: Bianca passed away in her sleep on January 21, 2010. We believe she died of old age.

This is Julia's only off-spring that we have on the farm. His name is Cronus. We named him that because we thought he'd be god-like. He isn't. His dad's name was Glacial Storm. Can you imagine having a dad with a name like that? Anyway, he's a real dork. I don't think the other boys like him much, and I think he gets picked on a lot, but there has to be one in the bunch. Right? He has beautiful fiber though and we're grateful for that.

Updated: Cronus passed away on July 31, 2009 of colic (a twisted gut). I'm still trying trying to decide how best to honor his last blanket.

This is Prima. She has beautiful teeth, don't ya think? She has the whitest fiber of any of our white alpacas. It's gorgeous stuff. She is going to be a momma for only the second time this summer.

Here's Prince Lucas. Don't you love his eyes? I know, he needs some barrettes. He is our stud. Really, he is stud-like. A big boy...strong like bull but lovable too. He stays by himself because he would kill all the little boys. He especially would love to cut up and eat Cronus. Big Jock vs. Big Dork. You know who would win.

Here's one of my favorites. This is Hamlet. Bianca is his mom. Hamlet is a gentle boy and loves to give kisses, and hopefully he won't go crazy and kill everyone like Hamlet from Shakespeare does. I named him Hamlet. I don't know why.

Paul Bunyan introduced some color into the herd a few years ago. This is Lydia. We didn't name her. She came with a daughter, who you'll meet next. She also arrived pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful brown boy, who we named Titan. Titan died in Jan. 2008 of a ruptured bladder. He died in my arms. I cried. It was very sad. He was beautiful.

This is Chloe, Lydia's daughter. We did not name Chloe. And if I did, she would be named Tina Turner, cause this girl is feisty, saucy, a minx...she is a hussy, which is why I love her so. She wants to give you a kiss. It's lovely.

Watch out, here is Jumping Jack. His Mom is Bianca too. Guess what he used to love to do? Jump Around. Jump Around. Jump Up and Jump Down. Are you singing the song? Hello?? Have I lost you. He gives lovely Eskimo kisses. You gotta come see for yourself.

Okay, now we're going to get into some real cuteness here. These are the two newest additions, both born last summer.

Here is Tom Tom. I don't know who named him this (I think Claire) but it's stupid. I'm sorry. Prince Lucas is his father and Prima is his mother...the only alpaca to have both mom and dad on site. Look at that face. Can you resist?

Are you ready for sweetness?

Here she is. It's not a great photo of her, but she's the color of maple syrup. We named her Anne's Luck because we went away twice last summer and both times the woman staying at our
house got to witness both births! Look at her gorgeous sweet maple color. I can't wait to get my hands on this when we shear them May 4th.
Well, that's all 11 of our crazy lookin' alpacas. Stay tuned because tomorrow Paul Bunyan is going to explain "IN HIS OWN WORDS" why he got into this crazy business in the first place. It may clarify a few things!
Peace out,
The Homesteading Hussy


  1. Now officially jealous...llamas aren't quite as cute.

    Camels are not NEARLY as cute...sigh Kim