Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Last Day of Summer

If I could suspend the summer in midair, I would hold on to brand new shin guards for soccer camp.

I would freeze frame Avalon Freeze.

I would bottle the ocean breeze.

And take a still photo of rope swings over the dark waters of Ricker Pond.

I would preserve my niece's blond hair and my nephew's blue eyes.

If I have to, I would glue the energy at the waterpark to the walls.

And freeze the conversations I had in my 24 hours in N.Y.C.

I would package up three flights to the border of Canada, fold in all the tubing, bald eagles, and smoothies.

I would record and save the cackles of little humans leaping into ponds.

And frame the view from on top of the world.

But most definitely, I would hold on to this day for the middle of winter when we're all covered in creosote from the woodstove.


  1. I didn't even live this day, and I want to hold on to it.

  2. if you could bottle that all up and sell it, you'd be the richest person i know. on second thought, i think you already are (and i'm not talking $$).

  3. Not bad considering you like winter so much. Hockey will throw you into reality.