Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Monday

I had grand plans of putting together an IMovie for you so that when you woke up and came right here after your morning coffee, you'd be blown away with my movie making prowess. Yes. I have lots of footage that now can't be downloaded from my near prehistoric video camera. And so now the wanting starts. The scheming on how I can get my hands on a new HD video camera. Because we're in the 21st century. And well, it doesn't matter that we were in it when we bought the last one, we still need a new one. Because this, this doesn't cut it.

But good morning anyway.

From your "there is always something better to begotten" Hussy.


  1. Damn, that rooster needs a tuning! I thought ours were bad!!! Chicken noodle soup could always put a few of his potential offspring in our "bator" to hopefully carry on his AMAZING vocals....

  2. i bet 7dogs could hear him all the way at her house.

    btw, i drink tea.