Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 26

So I play hockey with some people and one of those people is making a dream come true and one of those people's husband is making a dream come true.  And Saturday I got to sit in the basement of those peoples to try their beer for FREE and soon you'll be able to too.  And while I sat there drinking a dream come true beer, I talked about my old dreams not coming true and how I didn't know what my new dreams were or how to make them come true.  And while I sat in those people's basement drinking dreams and talking dreams, I watched an old high school friend's husband's dream NOT come true.  Sorry Rand Pecknold that your dream didn't come true- because I know how that feels (three times over I know how NOT winning a Final Four National Championship feels).  But that day, in those people's basement, I celebrated you coming AWFULLY close and them tasting the victory of beer and me (according to my horoscope) "rejoicing in the blessing of not knowing".  

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