Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 12

 41- the "girl" on the left.

She's the girl that does it all.  Works full time, trains for a half marathon, raises two kids under 3, skis practically every day, wins ski races, goes on dates with her husband.  Yeah, she actually GOES on dates with her husband.

We skinned up a mountain to celebrate her birthday.  Paul Bunyan bought me these monstrosities to share.  May be why I was last to make it to the top.  That or my skinny skins.  Or my, possibly, being the worst in shape, with the biggest...okay I'll stop.

At some point it can be considered miraculous what we women do.  

Most of us do the laundry.  We clean piss off the back of the toilets, especially if we have boys.

We generally do all the shopping and cooking and dishes.

 We clean vomit out from the spaces in between the wood floors at 11:45 p.m.

And by golly if we want to celebrate each other- we should.  And by golly if climbing up a mountain at sunset to ski down mashed potatoes is celebration- then good for us.  Let's do it again this Friday?

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