Tuesday, September 1, 2009

And Another One Bites the Dust

I wish I could bottle up the scent of the sunscreen I used this summer. The spawn thought it smelled like I was lathering them in grapefruit juice. And I hope, when our world is layered in that cold thing called snow, I can still smell the Homemade Swimmer's Ear solution I whipped up earlier this summer...alcohol and vinegar. mmm.

And I sure do hope the Cedar/Lemongrass/Rosemary/Geranium Bug Balm I slathered on the places behind their ears stays on my fingers and beneath my finger nails so that I can taste all those "natural" flavors, later, when I use my fingers to stir my drink.

And instead of warm tubs in filtered water, we bathed filthy spawn in dirty pond water with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint schnapps, or so it smelled like.

I will miss the dogs' musty rug smell they acquire from bathing, too, in filthy pond water. And Sydney's head, which smells like earth, as she freshly exits my tomato garden, the little thief.

I will miss all the scents of summer. Paul Bunyan has reminded me that it's not officially over yet. However, with the spawn abandoning ship tomorrow, leaving all their jetsam in the yard, I am scared of the prospect of being left in the graveyard after dark, walking amongst the tombs that mark the death of sleeping in late. R.I.P.

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