Monday, September 7, 2009

PP Palace

I guess Paul Bunyan woke up bored this morning; you know, without a list of stuff to get done. Well, that's not true because one item on his list was to get his 'thank you' notes written. He just had a birthday (hmm...three weeks ago). Anyway, I was very proud of him for setting a good example for our children. However, while he was doing this, the kids were trying to climb all over him and they started to relentlessly ask if he would be so kind as to "please, when you're done, would you build us a fort outside? Please, daddy please? Please will you build us a fort? Daddy, when you're done, will you build us a fort? Daddy? Daddy? You're not answering us." "Hmm, kids," I said "it appears your Daddy is deep in thought, why don't you just carry out your big cardboard box out of the basement and use that outside?" "No, Daddy (turning away from me) will you paaleeeze make us a fort outside?" "Kids," I quipped "maybe, maybe if you're lucky Daddy and Uncle Stinky will build you a playhouse this Saturday."

"I'm done!" Paul Bunyan declared, throwing down his completed envelopes. Within ten minutes the saws were sawing, the nail gun was gunning, the troops were rarrin' to go, "Let's start workin!"

She was already designing the inside of the playhouse. If she had her way it would replete with curtains matching the table cloth.

But she had to earn her ownership. A few triggers of the air gun. Kapow!

And this one's for you!

Let's do a little dance. Let's sing a little song.

Kapow to you too!

And also to you.

Two walls up.

And then super Daddy takes over and the goombas get to watch.

It's dinner time now and Paul Bunyan isn't going to stop until it's dark and then maybe he'll work by the light of the full moon, and there's definitely a spotlight out there. It only turns on when it senses motion, so he'll have to keep his ass moving.

And by morning, there might be wall to wall carpeting. And quite possibly a woodstove pipe. Windows will be in and the front door attached. Maybe, maybe shutters. And the coolest thing's completely portable. It's a Portable Playhouse. It's perfect. Because now we can't get taxed on it. And the spawn, when they learn how to run the tractor themselves, they can just keep moving it around the yard...following the sun and its rays.

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