Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mud's Flock Of....

I love Wednesdays. Wednesdays are possibility days. I have the possibility of seeing Mud on Wednesdays because it's her only day off during the week. So we like to gather on Wednesdays, if it's possible, and romp around in our woods, and bushwhack through the trees to find the highest points of land. Images of cabins that look out over the Adirondacks and bunk houses with cozy blankets drive our climbs to the highest hills. We're pushed on by a herd of dogs, her flock of furry friends. She has seven, seven I tell ya! You might say she's crazy. Many have called her so. But I think, if you ever have the chance to meet them, you'll agree with me that they're all special in their own ways. I've asked Mud to sum up their 'beings' in three words. Would you like to meet the gaggle?

Here's Oslo, a Chinook mix.

She is the devoted, gentle, matriarch.

This one is Maisy, a golden lab mix.

She is a needy, kissing hippo (thusly named because she sits in the pond like a hippo).

Here is Shaker, he is named after the road Mud lives off of...Shaker Mountain Rd. He is a shepherd husky mix.

He is the smartest, skittish, howler you'll ever meet.

Oh dear, here's Big Poppy...a newfie.

An aloof loving oaf.

Skeet, a yellow lab mix inherited from Mud's husband's father.

The consummate lab: ball obsessed, food obsessed, water obsessed.

Saved!! Saved!! Whitey, the Great Pyrenees

A cat in a dog's body.

Saved with Whitey (they are buds): Skipperdee (and I am forced often to refrain from repeating the dee dee dee like a chickadee). He is a terrier corgy mix.

A snuggly nureotic yipper-yapper.

And there you have it. Mud's complete family. I've been thinking about what I want to get her for Christmas this year; and although I'm going to give the surprise away, I'd like to get your opionion. You know those stickers with the stick people of the family that people put on the back windshield of their cars? You know the ones. They're really stupid, and I'm sorry if that offends any of my three readers, but they are. Well, I thought it would be super funny if we got Mud this:

And then we could add this too:

Oh, but wait...she has two cats too. And she's got her feelers out for a third! There might not be enough room on her back windshield. But it sure would look hilarious.


  1. I saw a puppy today at soccer still had puppy breath... I miss puppy 8 too many?