Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer's Last Blast

You know those Mastercard commercials that say something like:

Admission to the County Fair: $15 (Carload special with a coupon from McDonald's)

3 Maple Creemees: $10.00

3 Ride-All-the-Rides-You-Can Wristbands: $75.00

The Thrill of A Lifetime: Priceless.

Yea, you know the ones. Well, here's mine. Here's my commercial for the Champlain Valley Fair, whose motto is Summer's Last Blast. Are you ready?

Dirty scummy carni hands: 5 tickets

Dirty carni who blows cigarette smoke in my kids face: 5 tickets

And a Daddy who is a big kid who doesn't know when to say when even after the kids have had an exhausting first day of school and who have to get up at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and all the tomorrows that are around the next corner AND who haven't eaten anything for dinner and it's 7:00 p.m. and everyone is whining: PRICELESS.

Don't ya think that works? That'll sell some tickets. Right?

BUT to see my children, even my biggest KID of all, flying through the air with their hands in the heavens,

with no one worrying about dinner or bedtime or germs,

or whether they hit their brother too hard from behind,

or whether there is a storm on the horizon. No one worries about anything. And I guess neither should I. Especially when the sun is setting. Especially on the night of summer's last blast. Especially since it doesn't get me anywhere.

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