Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm leaving 2010 in the dust. Can't you smell the burnt rubber? Done with it. Over being sick. Ready for health.

So, I'm listing some of my hopes and dreams for 2011. And since I've never smoked a thing in my life, not even the big Mary Jane, I don't have to quit that. And since the heavy duty antibiotics I've been on have helped me quit my nightly beer habit, I don't have to quit that. And since too much sugar in my tea is my only real vice, I don't have to quit that because frankly that ain't so bad. Maybe I should quit mayo, but frankly Mayo, I just can't quit you.

So this will be the year of more (MORE!) and not less.

I hope for more of these 11 things....Please (!) more:

1. good food. Like, french onion soup. I need more french onion soup. Made with homemade beef stock. And lots of melted gooey cheese on top. Please.

2. good sleep. Like, no arms falling asleep sleep.

3. more Weeds. Great show.

4. more dog walks. Never seems like there is enough time.

5. more time to shave Paul Bunyan's neck hairs. Never seems like there is enough time.

6. more wombat time.

With good food. And in-house dance parties. And sleepovers.

7. more self control. For this Fall during soccer season.

Because when they do this.

And this.

And most definitely this.

Every bone in my body wants to jump out of my skin and run onto the field and pull them out of this un-animalistic trance and make them run after the f-ing ball.

I'm breathing, breathing.

8. more root vegetables- in my garden. So many onions, potatoes and carrots that I have to build my very own root cellar. Like, my very own. And they last ALL year long until the fall of 2012 when I have mountains of more.

9. more words. written and read. weren't enough in 2010.

10. more hugs. never seems like there are enough.

11. more sunsets on my mountain. it's my favorite time of day. MORE MORE MORE!

I'm going to be greedy for 2011. Ready for some GOOD. MORE of what is right and less of what is wrong. I wish more of the same for you, unless what is good is actually less of something. Hope you can quit that, whatever it may be. I'll quit now, but I hope for nothing MORE than joy for you and yours in 2011. Puns all around. Maybe more of those too. They're all good.