Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Booger Freezing Weather

It is. It's booger freezing weather. Well, today's temps in the 20's feel warm, like a Spring day warm. Compared to the -22 we had yesterday. When I started my car yesterday morning it gave this gag and cough routine, kinda like my kids do when they don't want to go to school. I forced it to go any way. But the gears didn't shift too smoothly. But neither did mine.

So, I froze my little bippy off this weekend playing lots of hockey. But it was for a good cause:


Okay, there, I got your attention. I don't do so well asking people for donations. I was never very good at selling girl scout cookies. I don't know what it is. It's not like the people who are donating money are paying me. I just know that people are working hard these days to try to make ends meet. So I feel guilty asking them to raise money. Which is why I only asked my parents for money (thanks Mom and Dad!) and which is why I didn't ask YOU to donate any money.

But every year I go to Middlebury to play in this tournament I am BLOWN away by the amount of money our team is able to raise. This year we made it $12,000! We had one anonymous donor give $5,000. Which is huge! Now, how does this money actually go to the boobies? Well, this is the best part.


Well, okay, so not really. But sorta. Because if you have breast cancer (which now 1 in 8 of you do!!) you will have problems paying for things like...your bills, your groceries, your dentures, your dog, your heat. Definitely your heat if it's -22. And that's what is amazing about the Cancer Patient Support Program- your money isn't going to some lab or drug company for cancer research, which is all good and important, but rather it's going to people who NEED it. Because they're struggling.

Well, okay, so we lost in overtime in the Championship game but that's because we're getting old. But we raised the most money and that's all that matters. The woman at the Cancer Patient Support Program said that they are now spending about $12,0oo a month to help patients. That means that we (as a team) have taken care of one month of gas cards, and hamburger meat, and wigs!! How cool is that?

Here are a bunch of photos from our first game.

If you want to save yourself some time, here is a good one of me, because I'm not vain.

It's not too late to donate. If you know someone who has suffered from breast cancer, or any kind of cancer for that matter, and could have used this support, then donate for them. If you need some good karma, do it for yourself. If you don't need any karma, do it anyway. If you've done it, good job. If you have boobies, do it for them. If you don't have boobies, I'm really sorry. My cousin's wife had them recreated from the fat on her stomach. I wonder if you could too?

much much love,
The Hussy



  1. i spoke with T (dan's wife), and they love love love Kathy the CPSP lady (the one who i cried in her arms when i tried to thank her for helping them).

    re: the pics - look at the hot shot in #50. too bad i probably wiped out a second later. since i'm not vain, in addition to your shot i also really like these: #47, #96, #102, #115, #129 & #82 (now why did i get a penalty and not ellen?)

    yes, 'it's all about the boobies'

  2. Awesome summary. Save the boobs!