Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Haircuts

I opened up my email inbox tonight to find two very cute pictures of friends' kids all dolled up for Easter Sunday. They were dressed for the day...cute white dresses for the girls, matching blue polo shirts for the boys. I'm sure it's a wonderful tradition. One that I never had to partake in as a child.

Paul Bunyan had to work today...Easter Sunday. We're all pretty used to him working on the holidays. As a nurse, that's just how it rolls. So I went down to my parent's house this weekend and traveled all the old roads- passing by old boyfriend's houses, reminiscing about kissing whom in which cemetery, recalling the fondling on which slide, in which park, with which boyfriend. You know how it is.

We rode bikes. Got dirt in our eyes. We scraped our hands and knees on pavement.

We did not get dressed up to go to church.

Some of us did, however, get our hair done yesterday.

It was time for our Spring cuts.

And this cat chose to have his done the same way as last year.

Except this year he wants to dye it purple.

And he wants to make sure it really stays stickin' up high.

And he wants to have the attitude to go along with the mohawk.

And well, this guy, I think he's moving on.

To a more sophisticated look.

He was, however, a little jealous when I spent our Easter Sunday evening trying to glue his brother's hair spikey with Elmer's School Glue. So, maybe next year he'll think about it and choose a more unconventional haircut for Easter.

Post script: I took this photo the morning after the Elmer's glue affair. I snuck in to see if everything was still standing. But more importantly, I felt that he should be outed. You know, in case he comes at you with the whole "I'm a tough mohawk-wearing five year old" attitude. You'll know the hard truth.


  1. That's my kind of easter. I am getting my hair cut tomorrow. Wonder which one I should pick.

  2. BTW, will you write a blog for my life? I am jealous. You have a great gift that you are taking the time to use and share with other. When you are wicked old, you will have these great memories.

  3. Dear Anonymous, when you can't walk anymore because you've butchered your body I'll sit down and write your life story with you. But we'll leave out all the sad parts.

  4. Really cool post! I love this one. Paul

  5. OMG MG! that PS is WAY TOO FUNNY.