Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuck San, Ari Zona

Today, I am broadcasting from here:

Straight from the shadows of the saguaro, poolside, margarita in hand.

I am at the Hacienda Del Sol and am rubbing my nose in it all.

Except maybe this, cuz that would hurt.

And all of these too. But we're seeing so many cool things in the desert of Arizona. How's that for trite?

Cactus that look like brains.

And orange things.

And more orange things (hedgehog cactus).

And purple things.

And purple things with yellow attached to them.

And red things (bottle brush tree)

And polka dot things.

And things that look like giant asparagus.

And prickly things with funky nests in the middle made with fuscia colored feathers.

And plain old prickly things too.

It's pretty spectacular....this desert life.

And because it's my birthday and because I can, I'm sending five lucky winners to the Hacienda Del Sol hotel for a long weekend.

Just leave a comment telling me if you've ever been to the desert.

Oh, how I'd love to do that. Someday maybe.

But for now, you'll have to live vicariously. Yea, through me. And maybe tomorrow I'll show you what I ate. And I'll describe how it all tasted. And right now this margarita tastes just about right...what, with all this dry hot air.


  1. Enjoy that margerita hussy and have a great birth-day! If you were home you could be shovelin' 18" of snow!

  2. Hope you had a great time. Happy Birthday. We went to Eric's in Breckenridge and toasted you. Check out the picture on facebook.

  3. lucky winner #6May 4, 2010 at 1:00 PM

    on your birthday, i was in a high altitude desert hiking with several cool dudes, most of whom you know. it was an absolutely gorgeous day up thair in the rarified air - and i'll send you a few pics of what we saw once i have them on my computer. this was different than the sagura filled desert of the phoenix valley, or the painted desert, or my green wooden sandbox of childhood - but deserty in it's own special way.

    i can taste my margarita now.

  4. I love that rarified air. Maybe some day we'll sell all these alpacas and buy a house a mile or two above sea level. And then my ass will itch like all get out, what with all that dry air.

    Looking forward to seeing your photos.