Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh, Yes He Did.

This is all the ice that is left, except for the new ice forming down at the other end. But that's because it was in the 20's this morning. And tomorrow it's not supposed to get out of the 20's. So maybe there will be more ice. But for now...there wasn't any at this end of the dock.

And you know what that means. And you know you've been waiting to see this sight all year long. C'mon admit it. And you know what it will take to shake the images that will follow. But you now know that this is your warning. So if you look it's your fault.

I'm warning you- I've heard the geese returning North. I've seen the robins. I've heard the ground gurgling. I've got flowers poking through. I've picked up all the poop. I've put away the sleds. I've gotten a little tan on my face.

However, it is...officially Spring.

In its truest form.

Arriving with a big splash.

And a shrunken...well, you know what.

Happy Spring All.


  1. Thanks I needed that! :)

  2. Has PlayGirl contacted him yet? Btw, who is stealing my anonymous signature?