Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wanted for questioning...

I'm looking for answers on the whereabouts of a Mr. Paul Bunyan. I've questioned Red.

Who generally knows where Paul is when he is plowing snow off the pond.

I cornered Red's dad in a back alley.

He said he didn't know anything.

I questioned slim.

Who is always with Paul when he is loading wood for the furnace.

I questioned this lone guy, who hasn't seen the likes of Paul Bunyan in many moons.

Of course, he's very lonely and in need of a mate...if anyone knows of one out there.

I talked to this old man...

because he's usually around Paul when he does his chores with the alpacas.

I interrogated the black sheep of the group,

who usually knows where Paul is when he's shoveling the walk.

There were three newbies on the scene,

who had no idea where Paul Bunyan was.

And it sounded like they didn't even know who Paul Bunyan was.

Having never met him or done any chores with him.

And there is one pair still at large. I believe they were last seen driving away on Friday morning in a 2006 silver Toyota Tundra headed towards Sunday River, Maine. If in the slim chance you happen to see them, tell the missing pair of gloves and Paul Bunyan that they are sorely missed and that the pond needs to be cleared, the wood for the furnace replenished, the alpacas need tending to, the stoop needs clearing, oh and the bathroom needs finishing.

Your time is up Paul Bunyan!


  1. I love it!

    Our version of husband-GPS is a red shop rag.

  2. Haha, hope PB had a great trip! You are a wonderful wife for freeing him for an entire weekend!! Sounds like there may be some freetime headed your way for a girls' getaway :O)

  3. very funny. hopefully the missing pair had a rip-roaring time on the run, but has now returned to mingle with the friends and attend to unfinished business.

    you may want to keep some oxygen-activated hand warmers 'on hand' for PB's next trip. A.D. never leaves home without them. (fortunately for a poor frozen young soul we met this weekend up at Butler Lodge...)