Thursday, February 25, 2010

Iowa Wrestlers Meet Olympic Hockey Players

We're on vacation. I wake up every morning to the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore. The breeze shifts the curtains in our open windows, just slightly. A nanny feeds my children breakfast, so all I have to do is roll over and rub Paul Bunyan's back. And then maybe read a book until I feel like putting on my bathing suit to stroll down to our private beach. It is delightful.

Oh right. That was just my dream.

Two feet of snow on my doorstep last night, rain on my roof top this morning, 50 mile an hour winds projected for tonight, six more inches of snow by tomorrow.

But we're going to build a snow fort today. Yea. So there.

Claire has had a bunch of play dates this week and the boys always feel slighted that they never get to have any. I try to explain to them that it's like dog sitting...we always dog sit for other people because they have one dog, but no one takes our dogs because we have two. And I tell them that they have each other to play with anyway. But they don't buy either of these explanations.

So, needless to say, the boys have been spending a lot of quality time together on our 'staycation' as my friend Katy calls it. Now, being identical twins they have had to share everything starting with their genes. They share books, clothes, toys, shoes, and their bedroom. There is very little that they call their own. But they do okay with this. It is a very rare occasion for them to squabble, bite, fight, kick, punch. They truly love each other.

Except for the last couple of days. They've been fighting over Lego men, sitting on the brown chair, space in the tub, trains, planes, race cars... I hear "Timmy kicked me, Auggie pinched me, Timmy bit me, Auggie hit me. I have the cleaner boots. No, I have the cleaner boots." I'm not kidding on that last one. A fight...over who has the cleaner boots. Really?

I kept telling them to work it out, between the two of them, and to use their words. And I guess, in the Olympic spirit, this is how they chose to do it:

Because the whole "talking it out" and "please use your words" stuff just wasn't working.


  1. OMG, hilarious posting!!!!! They are going to be such bruisers on the ice haha! I am dying laughing right now...thanks for a good chuckle this AM and enjoy the rest of vaca!

  2. that is a kicker. especially love the choice of taunting/trash talk song. as Ski Cross was to Vancouver, i now see what the new olympic sport will be in Sochi 2014. glad to see training is already underway (and that helmets are required!)

    USA! USA!

  3. Very cute. We missed you last night.

  4. If only the rain wasn't ruining our parade.