Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'd like you to meet the new face for the Campaign Against Rotavirus.

If you or a loved one has ever suffered from the effects of the Rotavirus you might consider signing the petition at the bottom of this page. Please write to your legislators. Parents, let's do all we can to eradicate this horrible disease.

So we never have to clean out another puke bucket for as long as we both shall live.


  1. I would totally sign that. I never want to clean out pajamas, sheets quilt, and braided rug at 3am, ever again.

    And if we cannot eradicate rotavirus, I would at least like to have advance warning.

    (Hope your little guy feels better soon...)

  2. as a pseudo-parent i'll sign, but only if we change the acronym to CARV (virus). or CARB (bug). or CARP (pukecity), because i already own copyright on CAR.

    but until this movement is successful, here's a tip: don't bring your kids, even though you don't suspect they've been exposed, to your friend's house for dinner and playtime..... especially if it is a lovely, charming old farmhouse with only one bathroom AND there is an older kid for your kids to stalk so intently that virus-induced bodily urges are ignored, simultaneously, until the very last moment (or the moment after that). otherwise you may get to spend quality time bathing your kids in the lovely, charming castiron tub.

  3. That last picture needs no caption if you are a mother...perfectly captured! Kim