Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bridge To...Eh?

We walked across the line. The line that travels right down the middle of Rainy River. We had to go over a bridge to cross the line. But we made it...and it was free. We maneuvered through railroad lines and lines of cars with boats, and we ducked under big pipes of sawdust getting sucked to the paper mill from the mountainous piles 200 yards away. We saw lots of men and women in uniforms with guns, who don't smile very much. But that isn't their job. We saw cars and trucks getting rifled through. We walked into Canada and I don't think anyone would have seen us if we kept walking but we had a mission. We had a goal. So we had to stop in at the Customs Office in Canada. I got the kids new passports in order to make travelling to Montreal a little bit easier, and so (yea) maybe I also secretly hoped that we could have gotten down to Costa Rica to visit Stinky Jon...but that didn't happen. Well, so now the kids have these cool little books with their photos and official names and pages and pages of space for STAMPS! Luckily, the boss man at the Customs office was very nice and not only did he smile (!) and give us cool little commemorative pins, but he stamped the kids' passports. He was trying to pick out what page to stamp his official stamp when he said in his natural Canadian twang, "I think it should go on the first page, eh?". My kids looked at me and luckily said nothing, but I definitely had to explain the "eh" after we stepped out of the office. We had a lot of fun picking out the ehs as they floated off the local's tongues.
It's hard to believe that a ten minute walk across a bridge (just to get an official stamp) can put you in whole new place like ehville.

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