Friday, August 7, 2009

The Border of Canada

Well, after a ten hour drive North to the border of Canada we arrived at the town of International Falls, Minnesota, where the air smells like stinky cheese from the paper mills that send billowing blasts of stink into the bluest of blue skies. The dark waters of Rainy Lake are registering 61 degrees, and despite having the coldest July on record, I am confident we will have a little summer in this little piece of heaven. We will bake us some summer by finding pieces of sunshine to lay in and we will fill our buckets with wild blueberries, which (to our luck) are late this year. We will fall asleep to the sad whale of the loons and wake to the bright sun floating into the loft.

This is a special place for us. I fell in love with Paul Bunyan here under these deep skies of full moons and northern lights and 11 Augusts ago we partied with our families and friends in celebration of that love. Someday, I hope, you'll see this place for yourself and if you already have, then you know why we all keep coming back.

I'm going to try to show you a glimpse...snipits...clips of the days. Here is the first:
My dearest daughter (you know the one who just turned 3) Claire, she decided to get her ears pierced at Claire's in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. And now she's all of 17.

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  1. wow - with all that new bling (and age), are there still more kids than adults?? sounds like a special place..
    at this special place it is quite chilly today, tho it hasn't rained in at least 24 hours. i think. also, the 'wild?!' blueberries at owl's head are the size of quarters.