Monday, June 1, 2009

My Joy Ride (by Liebe)

My person asked me to come for a ride today to pick up the spawn. Would you like to come on my joy ride with me?

We started off in the country.

And then we went through a town. It kinda smelled like chicken.

We passed some bikers. You have to look really hard to see them, because they go by really fast. I could smell this one.

We passed a cemetery.

And the Doggie Daycare, where my person says I'll never go because I can occupy myself.

"Holy Shit, have you seen the price of gas lately?"

Oh, we had to stop at the Park and Ride to leave something in Paul Bunyan's car.

This is my person's favorite restaurant. If you're ever in Richmond, she says "please go to The Kitchen Table Bistro." And I'd like to add that if you go there, "please bring me home a doggie bag."

Here's my favorite bridge. It's my favorite right now because my real favorite is closed because of renovations.

This is my favorite cow farm. It's so clean and neat.

Look, the corn is just starting to come up!

Ooh, now things are getting exciting...I smell horse poop.

Oh well, just another cemetery. Doesn't anyone cremate anyone anymore?

Oooh, more cows.

My person says that this white church is too white for my dirty ass to go into and besides I'm too full of 'eating the garbage' sins that it's not worth my time. It's my person's fault anyway; she shouldn't have left the garbage door open.

My person says that she doesn't like this knitting shop because the woman who runs it is kind of a beeatch and so she won't be havin' any of our business.

Here's the new fire station. But they're all into dalmatians so I don't visit them.

OOOhh, here's our favorite pizza place. I just love their crusts.

Ohp, here we are. Thanks for joining me on my joy ride. Didn't I look like I was having such a great time. I love having the wind in my ears and a thousand scents on my nose. Wish I could have shared that scensory experience with you. Maybe next time?

Smell ya later,

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