Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweet Beautiful New People

The wait is over my dear friends (hello?? are you still there??). The wait is over (can you hear me?). We can finally meet this beautiful person. Are you ready? Are you sure? Because I know we've had quite a bit of cuteness around this place lately, but now we're really getting serious.

I'd like you to meet Zachary. Or Baxter. Or Zach. Or Bax. Or ZB. He needs to talk in order for us to figure out who he really is. So for now, we're just going to call him delicious. Or, at least, that's what I'm calling him.

Because, quite frankly, he is delicious. I could eat him.

But I won't because I'm not a wolf spider.

I might go back soon to sniff him. Just to get a good whiff.

Or maybe just a snuggle or two.

But brand new mommy and daddy don't need any more of my interruptions. They're too busy falling in love, with Zachary Baxter, and each other...again.

And they're too busy holding this pea in their hands.

And their hearts.

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