Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brighton 09...

When friends gather, in the woods, with the bugs, and the bull frogs, and the loons, there is something that happens. It's magical.

People relax.

And they laugh a lot.

And they hug each other a little more.

Even if they belong to someone else.

The love is rich.

I think it's because there is no where to go.

Except to the pond.

Or to the beach.

Or to the playground.

And little personalities emerge.

And every summer there is a new milestone.

And new fashion.

And new faces.

To get eaten up.

By the humans and the bugs.

And there are bikes to ride (NO training wheels)!

And jumps to conquer.

And races to win.

And fears to fight (oooh, I'm scared of those raccoons).

So, as another Brighton trip comes and goes.

I'm thankful no one got hurt.

And that all these crazy beautiful people shared that space in the woods with me and the bugs and the breeze.

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