Friday, March 27, 2009

Welcome to my world...

Well, welcome to my world. I'm not expecting anyone to read this, but welcome anyway. I'll just clarify that: I'm not expecting anyone to read this, which is why I'm starting off my first post with a poem that I just constructed. I'm a sucky, wannabe famous, writer. But anywho, I was writing it while my twins were eating daughter's off at a slumber party at her best friend's house, which is so gloriously sweet I can't even explain. The twins, despite knowing that dessert doesn't arrive until dinner is finished, were up playing with Paul Bunyan's (that's my husband) 12' tape measure. Twin A was pulling the tape measure all the way out and announcing that it (his distance) was "9 below 20 hours zero" which it sometimes gets that cold up here 'in our neck of the woods', especially when you're measuring in inches on a tape measure. Despite the cold, our house is situated so that we have the most amazing sunsets, which means we are facing west (duh), and it (tonight's sunset) inspired me to write this little ditty for Paul Bunyan, whom I sometimes forget to kiss before he goes to work.

If only I could remember to love you
Like I did when it was only you.
And the world stopped rolling,
When you waltzed out that door.
I was certain your life staggered on its edges
Without hugs and kisses from me.

If only, even after all this time,
You still needed me to touch you.
In passing from room to room,
From world to world, arm to arm,
Hand to leg, foot to foot,
We could feel each other's skin,
And remember cold kisses on top of mountains.

If only it wasn't about dump runs, and fire starting,
And putting kids to bed, and dishes.
In the din of it all, if only we could
See each other clearly....just us,
With no clutter getting our love moldy.

If only I could remember what sunsets,
The famous ones from our photo albums,
Looked like, when kisses mattered, and
Weren't required, and I could see their bright pinks
Clearly through finger printed windows.

For those who don't know specifically, Paul Bunyan was a giant lumberjack, who, with the help of his blue ox, Babe, performed various superhuman feats. I'm just using Paul Bunyan as a metaphor for the love of my life, and well I'm not too unlike Babe either:)


  1. HH - i wanted to publicly congratulate you, on your (almost) 1 year anniversary on blogspot. and to thank you for sharing a glimpse into your life and thoughts (that we don't see when you are belching on the hockey bench). and to commend you for your talent of expressing of it all with beautiful snapshots (of words and pixels).

    i was going to spout off my Top 10 list, but quickly realized that i can't choose favorites here... how do you choose between alpacas & black labs, children & elders, expressions of happiness and sadness, celebrating beginnings and celebrating endings....

    i think what i appreciate most of all is that i never know what i'm going to find when i come looking.....but i do know that i will enjoy it.

    keep on keepin' on.....