Sunday, March 29, 2009

One Soggy Sunny Spring Day on the Mountain

So, unfortunately, and I say unfortunately because I just watched a Planet Earth show about the polar bears and I've been crying for four days since, Spring has sprung here. Yea, yea we've seen the robins (boring). We've seen the crocus (already dunn that). I've cleaned up a winter's worth of dog shit (definitely a sign of spring). But I'm pretty certain that things don't officially become Spring up here 'in our neck of the woods' until the ice melts far enough away from the end of the dock, just far enough away, for Paul Bunyan to jump into the icy cold water. He is a veritable Polar Bear, right here on our mountainside of Vermont. And he's not likely to go into extinction any time soon. I've known PB now for over 14 years of my life and on all of our adventures, wherever we've gone...across the state, across the country, across the world, he has searched for and found the coldest water to dip his big body into. He is like some treasure hunter out on the seas, except ice cold streams and lakes and oceans are his pots of gold. Needless to say, we're very lucky to have our very own pot of cold here on our mountainside.

Well, with temperatures reaching into the 60's yesterday, we found it hard to stay inside with the doors closed. The twins were in shorts and Claire was runny barefoot through the dead grass. It must have felt great. I'm glad I got that poop picked up.

PB thinks he's going to break through this ice.

No luck. He's off to find the weakest link.

Sorry, we're not coming to save you.

Okay, there we go then.

Ahh, That's just what you wanted? Wasn't it? My Polar Bear...PB.