Monday, March 30, 2009

One More Beautiful Sign of Spring

It's kind of a constant discussion around these parts about which kind of car is the most practical for backcountry living. Not too many of us have convertibles, for example. Can't put skis or bikes on top, and besides there are only a handful of sunny days here in Vermont, so why waste your money? I think the state probably boasts the largest number of Subarus, but that's just a guess. They are a really practical car for gear and kids and mud. And for certain, you ain't nobody here unless you got a truck, especially now that it's sugarin' season. And you definitely ain't nobody unless you got a sap tank in the bed of that thar truck...but that's another spring story for another spring day.

When I was deciding which car to get after the twins were born, (well, because our gosh darn Subaru just wasn't big enough anymore for three kids and two dogs) I really had to think about 4 wheel drive (or all-wheel drive) because of the hill we live on, and more importantly, because of the hill my best friend lives on. I knew I was going to be stuck at home through the winters...long myself and I wanted to be able to feel like I could go and see whomever I wanted to, whenever I wanted. So it was really in preparation for her road, which gets far scarier in the winter and spring than our hill, that I chose the Toyota Sienna, which hasn't done us wrong, except for the run-flat tires, which is another spring story for another spring day.

Last Saturday, we took the clan up to Medora's house and we made it up fine. But I thought I'd get back up there today, in our truck, to give you a little view of what Medora and her husband have to deal with every day. It's a beautiful Spring day today, as you'll see:

Warning: This video may cause extreme dizziness and/or nausea!

Medora, (whom we all coincidentally call Mud) I love you darling...I do not love your road.

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