Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 37

I know I'm catching up here but I was having too much fun to post.  On Day 37 we woke up and went to the morning ritual, where smoke from burning sage was wafted in my general direction by a feather toting woman.  After this we decided to learn more about the vortex and went on a vortex walk, which led us to the ley lines, in which Paul Bunyan felt energy come into the left side of his body.  I didn't have an "opening" per say, but I was open to having one.  An opening, they claim, can occur in many forms.  Breaking down and crying for no reason is one of them.  I just kept breathing.

After the vortex walk we went to Yogalates.   After that I drank a beer.

And then we decided to hike to the beginning of Boynton Canyon.  During the hottest part of the day.

We made it.  Paul Bunyan went a little further over the cliff to look for cave drawings and I sat down to find a rock for my rock collection.  The 5 sided striped ones are my favorite.  I feel bad for the child who has to clean my house out after I die.  I wonder which one it will be...

I decided we hadn't done enough for the day so I did a little yoga on the way down.  Paul Bunyan decided we hadn't done enough for the day so he went on a mountain bike ride when we got back.

While he did that I drank a margarita made out of prickly pear juice while sitting in front of this....and I kept breathing.

Couples detoxifying mud wrap and a private dinner outside under the full moon.

40 just doesn't get any better.

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