Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I don't buy makeup. I don't buy expensive face creams. I don't buy perfume. I don't buy special shampoos or conditioners. I use a bar of shampoo soap to clean my hair. I don't use product in it. I don't even blow it dry. I don't wax my eyebrows or my bush. I don't have my nails done. I like facials, but I don't have facials. I don't like massages, so I don't have massages. I don't spend a lot of money on me.

But I get my hair cut exactly, every, to the day, 10 weeks.

So when last Tuesday I woke up feeling like I looked just like this girl. Same hair and everything. I knew I needed a change. Because that was, like, 20 years ago.

I want to introduce you to my savior. Alla. Alla is from Russia. She zpeaks like diz. I love her axzent. She can tell a very funny story.

Hello Alla! I was introduced to Alla when the good Dr. in the Wombats found her. And then she said to me, you must go. And I went. And Alla was all, "ve must do dis to your hair," and I was like, "uhm, sure." And then there was love. Because she made me feel like a new woman. The Dr. told me that would happen.

And Alla is still making me feel like a new woman. Every 10 weeks. I show up all disheveled and frizzy. From washing my hair before going to bed. I apologize to her every time. And she says, "Oh, paleeze."

Alla knows her stuff. She is dedicated to her clients like a hairdresser should be. When Alla and her team go to conferences all over the country and sometimes into Canada, she always tries to bring me (ME!) back a new haircut. Like, in her bag, just for me. Like if someone could name it the Hussy Cut, they would. She did that a few months ago when she went to Chicago. And so I left feeling her salon so important. Like she went to Chicago just to learn how to make ME more beautiful. Because I don't know how to do it.

Alla also knows how to read her customers' moods. She knows when I just need to sit in peace and quiet and not have chat, or when it's okay to have chat.

She often sits on a stool to do my hair. And I love how she crinkles up her nose when she is deep in concentration. It really makes me feel confident that she takes pride in her work.

And I love love love what she does to my hair.

I even let her put a little make-up on me after. You know, to make her feel like she is completing the package.

She is so very polite. I can only imagine how much she wants to get at my eyebrows.

I hope your hairdresser makes you feel like a new woman or man after you walk out. At least until you have to wash it and style it yourself. I had a few hours. At least.


  1. I could have written that first paragraph, except that I do like massages, I just can't afford them!

    But I don't have that kind of hairdresser, and I feel a little bereft right now. :)

  2. Oh Hussy, I'm so with you, except I do need the makeup and waxing. Hooray for treating yourself to visits with Alla! And your new look, love it.

    I'll be curious to know if you are able to wait the full 10 weeks this next time.

  3. today is my turn - but no new looks for me. not many options when my hair is already very short, very thin, very straight, and very no-longer-brown. guess i'm about consistency. so it's not a surprise that karen is the only person who's ever cut my hair since i moved here 16+ years ago.

  4. will never shave my bushNovember 11, 2010 at 9:05 AM

    I want to see the final result, make-up included!!

  5. What 'Bush' said. Me, too. Your camera blocks too much! I can see the hair though, which looks fab.

    If I could get a massage weekly, I would. But that would cost a shitload of money.