Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just sayin'

I don't read too many other blogs out there. I've got my favorites and I check in with them pretty regularly and sometimes I'll venture off on a tangent from their blogrolls. But that generally puts me off into a cyberspace land of the blues, or worse yet...land of the reports. The 'report' blogs are the ones I try to stay away from. The "I woke up this morning and had a cup of coffee, and then I went for a run, and then I read my book, and then I just about died of boredom except someone came and dumped me out of the hammock I was hanging in upside down to make my life seem so much more exciting."

But I feel like sometimes I do that. And then I start to realize that not everyone can post things like this. This is a picture of three Augusts all born in August. Now, that's pretty cool. Not everyone can do that.

And okay so maybe I can't write as well as she can. Because she could probably make this event- my youngest son holding his father's toe nail clippings- into an artistically important life changing event. Just sayin'.

But it's not everyday, if (let's say) I was reporting on yesterday's events, that you come across a cement mermaid on a rock island who was covered in a rust colored algae.

In a lake that has over 1,600 islands.

That has over 1500 miles of shoreline.

That has a maximum depth of 161 feet.

That is 227,600 acres big.

That has fish in it the size of my 8 year old daughter.

That is half Canada and half U.S.A.

That is one of the most spectacular places on earth.

I mean...if I were to try to "report" on yesterday's events, let's just say I would say that all these people jumped off a cliff. Or clifft as Auggie calls it.

Into dark bottomless waters.

Sometimes upside down.

But every time without hesitation.

Would you still read my blog?

Because the report would include something like this, which might be a little too much of that, which you've already read about, which you're probably all sick about, which no one around here can get enough of, which I'm pretty tired of taking pictures of, which I'll stop now reporting about. And maybe tomorrow we'll focus more on bald eagles, or Long Island Iced Teas, or the way the poplar leaves blow in the wind. Something definitely more vastly important than seeing an iron colored mermaid on a rock island in Canada on a very big lake. But you'll have to come back and see.

Unless this "report" has totally bored you to death and then you can move on to a more entertaining and promiscuous blog.

god speed.


  1. We MISS you guys!!! xoxoxo
    PS-Have you heard any wolves?

  2. Never a dull moment with you Hussy! Great pics, esp love the one of them all on the tube/raft thingy :)

  3. i'm going to put it out there and state that only you (and your kin) would be able to post the 3-August picture. NO WAY there is any other family out there who can fit all that criteria. and i never state the obvious.

    i also want to ask why is that half the time a picture of a4/pb is posted, i laugh out loud. in a good way of course.

    and one more statement - i'm thinking pretty much the only way 'people' would stop reading your blog is if you stop posting to it. the end.