Sunday, August 22, 2010

Because 12 is good, real good.

Paul, 12 is good. I'm so glad there are still moments, like the other day when you jumped off the tractor and you had on your hiking boots and your work shorts that are stiff with dried polyurethane. And then you strapped that weed whacker onto your naked back and pulled the starter like you owned that thing. And you were all sweaty and dirty. I'm glad there are still moments when I find you irresistible.

I'm glad there are still moments that are ours. That will always be ours. Here are just a few and although the pictures lately are of the spawn, we can't forget that there are moments that are just us.

Here's to many many more. I love you so very much.


  1. That looks like an awesome 12 yrs. Congratulations.

  2. That is the best tribute to a husband I have ever seen ~ Congrats on 12 years :)