Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Call for Homemade Holidays!

I thought we had a mole hill. And then Santa showed up and burned his ass coming down our hot wood stove pipe. With two (2!) Mega X Morphibian remote control cars. Yea, two! And because he made them on the same frequency the two little boys he gave them to can't use them together. And they had to charge for 5 and a half hours before anyone could use them.

So they had more fun putting the bookcase that Paul Bunyan made for them in their room...and playing with their old toys.

Silly Santa. He also brought a really pretty pink Ipod nano for Claire and it, too, needed to charge for 3 hours before anyone could play with it.

And so she had more fun putting all her earrings into the case Paul Bunyan and I made for her.

And then after she listened to her favorite Michael Franti song 100 times her little pink Ipod nano needed to charge again for an hour.

So she copied all the flowers out of a wild flower book that she is going to press in the Spring when Winter has finally gone to bed.

And after the American Girl doll (that snuck into my house through the cracks in the walls) was put to bed because she isn't that much fun to play with anyway,

Claire sat at her new desk that Paul Bunyan made for her and wrote a story, well, copied a story from Skippy Jon Jones.

And me, well after all the requests for help recharging batteries I've recharged my own by tossing spinach salad with my new handmade (by Paul Bunyan) salad tongs, and scraping up bits of bacon with my new handmade (by Paul Bunyan) wooden spoon to make a delicious blue cheese shallot cream sauce for my Maple Wind Farm steak, and dreaming of summer days by the pond as I carry out a lunch of snacks on my new handmade (by Paul Bunyan) wooden maple tray.

And why can't Paul Bunyan make Mega X Morphibian remote control cars by hand? You know, ones that don't need batteries charged. Timeless gifts. That will last a lifetime. And beyond.

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  1. Does PB's homemade goodness fall under "Things That Happify the Hussy?" Your husbands got some serious skills!!!!!!!! :O)

    How did the terrarium go??