Thursday, December 3, 2009

Call Me Clean

Are you ready for the second item on my list? Here it is:

Isn't it beautiful? I know. The facade is not indicative of what's inside.

Because look at this!! Isn't it beautiful? It's call Citrus Sunrise. I bought a box of it.

And I bought some of these.

And some of these.

This is Vermont Soapworks Outlet Store in Middlebury, Vermont. And I love it. It makes me happy. I try to go once a year. I buy a lot of soap. I love buying soap. I love buying all natural soap. Made right there at the factory. I watched them. I saw them making it. I smelled them making it. I was happy.

This is new (and was 50% off) so I bought two. All purpose, all natural, all local.

And this is my favorite flavor, so I bought a whole box.

And I filled a box with a lot of these.

And this fine soap is perfect for the Holidays.

And this Blue Bar is perfect for your acne, cause' I know you got some. That or your Athlete's Foot, cause' I know you got one.

And if I had one of these I could make my own. And then I'd be a real homesteader. And I'd get a goat and I'd milk her and then I'd make goat's milk soap. And then I'd put oatmeal in it and lavender and oranges and all sorts of stuff. And maybe some day you could call me a homesteader instead of hussy. But you could definitely call me clean. Some day.

BUY Vermont Soapworks Soap today! It'll make you clean and happy!


  1. now, without being too presumptuous, you might just need to add this to your list:

    after you get over the shock and horror that this is a real product available for consumption, scroll thru the customer posted usage pics w/ notations. (imagine, you could compose your blog while driving spawn around!)

  2. Squeaky clean, I think I'll start a list of "Things That Horrify The Hussy" and this will be my first item. Thanks for getting that list started.