Monday, May 21, 2012

Growing UP!

Things are looking up around here. The boys are whittling like crazy.  Chips are flyin'.  I'm waiting for fingers to be lopped off, but that's why Paul Bunyan is around.  They both spent their own money on knives.  Knives!  Whittling I tell ya!  I told them I wanted spoons.  They told me they wanted very sharp sticks to poke into each other's eyes.  So, yeah, things are looking up!

The asparagus is looking up too!  I've read so many sources I can't figure out whether to harvest or not, in this its second year, so I opted for NOT harvesting and letting Bee knock off a few while she rips through my garden tuckin' butt.  Should be a very productive gardening year unless I get my fence built.  Or unless I shock the shit out of her when I finally get that training collar.   Yea, because we've messed it all up!

Oh, hello there STRAWBERRY plants.   We're going to be seriously sweet, thanks to HER,  in a few weeks.   Things are definitely looking up.

 And here we go....Mt. Hood, Cascade, Continental.  Climb that trellis!  We're makin' beer.  Beer, I tell ya!

Look at this thing!  Paul Bunyan almost lost his shit at the top of the forks trying to tie those top knots.   All good things come to those who wait for things to climb toward the heavens.

Not official yet, but a weekend that tasted just like summer, with all of its friends and hot dogs and pond dipping and ziplining and biking and ice cream cones and camping and frisbee and bugs and beer and bugs in beer and bathing suits that are too small.  Sheeite.  Whittle a little off of me boys!

And this came too.   And so now when I climb my stairs every day I get to look at her looking down at me.  Paul Bunyan says she looks sad.  But I think it really shows her peaceful spirit.  And it gives me a little hope that maybe Bee will someday be a calm soul like Liebe.  But I don't remember Liebe ever loving to pop kick balls as much as Bee does, and I certainly don't ever remember her loving to dig in the garden as much as Bee does, and I don't ever remember Liebe eating the heads off all of my tulips, or chewing off the top of every water bottle we own, or ruining every collar we have, or ever wanting to eat the cat's head off, or....

Well, let's just leave it at hoping for greatness because one can never know how things grow.

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  1. Changing of the seasons...great post!

    Love that painting too, how sweet.

    See you soon,