Monday, February 20, 2012

A Swirly Eye

So because these beautiful ladies came to visit a few weekends ago I made this:

I painted this backsplash (and a) this photo doesn't do it justice- you can't see the purples, greens, blues and b)just ask my friend Jen how cool it is, she'll tell you) because a) the white wall behind my stove was so greasy no Magic sponge could have taken it off, b) I can't figure out what color to paint the walls in my kitchen because I ain't no interior designer, c) their beautiful mother (see above) is a very very neat and clean person and I was embarrassed to have my white wall so greasy and so in her face (because a) I knew she would cook for us and b) I knew she would look), d) I'm really an oil painter, or at least I was in a previous life, and e)Paul Bunyan didn't believe I could paint anything cool on canvas.

Now because we had so much fun eating, drinking and making jokes about this video all weekend long:

I had no time to take any photos of their visit except for a few of these bad shots of their amazing new dog Ronan. He's a love-amuffin. A giant love bug who had never jumped over a creek bed in all his life. I'm very excited to say he did it first here. Although I'm not very excited that we have running water for him to leap over.

Now everything on this blog, as of late, has been about what's being done around here on weekends because who really wants to hear (and for god's sake who wants to remember) the minutia of our weekly grind. Who wants to remember the ten year old who grumbles every morning on her way to school- picking for fights in the garbage like a street cat looking for scraps? Who wants to hear about the untrained dog who goes chasing chickens around the yard trying to fit them into her mouth and the woman who is so angry about not training said butt head that she goes hoarse from screaming at said butt head with a stick flailing in her hand? Who wants to hear about the stomach bug virus that got sprayed in my face by my little Scarlet dear on Monday- a death sentence for me that was executed 24 hours later on Wednesday....every hour on the hour for twelve hours? Who wants to hear about my Lysol brigade? No, not you. No, not you either. And neither do my children who will one day read this.

However, I'm not sure they'll want to remember last weekend when I made them stay all day on the bay of the big lake while I and their father attempted to play pond hockey on some sort of surface called ice, on which you could neither turn nor stop, much less do anything with the puck besides lift it to a team mate who was not moving. We should have played in our boots and drank more Labatt's Blue. I probably shouldn't let them know that as they hung out in the car for a few hours I stood by the fire to have a few beers in the beer tent after the last game of the day. Shhh. They said they had fun. And I did too, despite global warming.

The swirls in my mind's eye that came out on that canvas is a good image for what my life has been like lately. Weekends swirling into weekdays- all the colors (browns and purples and greens) coming together. And it all mixing together to make a fairly palatable print.

Today is my daughter's birthday. She is ten. My head is swirling with this number. Ten years. I can't for the life of me understand where she comes from. She is doll house and fishnet stockings at the same time. She is nail polish and stuffed animals. She is still sniffing her blankets and wearing her extra high All Stars. She is instant gratification and Wizard of Oz. She is the lead in the school play and holed up in her room with her i-pod on. She is sweet and rude. Tender and mean. She is generous and selfish. She is emotional. It's a swirled up mess. It's my mind's eye.

Tonight after rushing everyone off to bed, too late, I stepped outside to load the green monster. It's cold tonight. I like when it's cold. We've had nothing come from the sky but rain. No snow. And I'm tired of the browns. I either want it white or green. So I look up. I look up. And the stars- they're bright. It's clear. I can see every single one, separate from the next. They do not merge. They do not run together. They do not swirl. And so I stay. Because at least out there- there is sense. And it's not a greasy mess.

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  1. a) happy birthday to colorful claire
    b) u must have been cursing my stomach bug stories that i laid on you while the jury was still debating your sentencing
    c) thank you for not linking the colorful swirls to your stomach bug
    d) that video is the famn dunniest i've seen in years. i'm going to go watch it for a 3rd time
    e)going to go read the last paragraph again too. ;)