Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy One Two Twelve friends. It's a brand new year! I thought I would share my wish list for MORE this year while at the same time looking back at the lone photos on my digital memory card that were not uploaded because a) they weren't good enough or b) there was no story attached.

Here's a photo of the kids I took on 1/28/11. They had built a fort in the living room. My wish is for more forts, more camaraderie, more reading in forts built with the foundations of more camaraderie in 2012.

Paul Bunyan took this photo of Timmy on top of the red car on 3/7/11. It felt like a record snow storm that day. I remember climbing on my parent's blue Volvo station wagon after the storm of 78'. I hope Timmy remembers this day.

I wish for gigantic snow in 2012- snow that goes up to the window frames and doesn't melt until all the ticks have frozen to death in March and April.

I took this boring photo of Sydney in her favorite hang out spot under the side porch. She digs a hole, pisses in it, and then lies down in her urine like a good dog who has genetically inherited a wolf's way of life. I need as much as I can of Sydney in 2012 because I know she's not much more for this world. She still ceases to amaze Paul Bunyan and I as she spryly jumps over fallen trees in the woods and continues to pull food off the counters like she did when she was a pup.

On 7/15/11 Claire and her best friend Maggie ended a life changing week at art camp. We need MORE MORE MORE of this in 2012. With only a half hour of art during her school week I can't get enough of art out of school...I think it fuels her fire and we need more (!) to stoke that shit up.

On 8/15/11 the boys turned 7. They got a trip to the water park for their birthday. I need MORE of them in 2012 before they grow so fast I won't be able to pick them up or wash their bodies in the tub or hug them in the mornings when they come out from their bedroom. Soon they won't let me even rub their heads.

This is Paul Bunyan on 8/15/11 before he turned into a skinny bastard after working his ass off at Crossfit. I need MORE of Paul Bunyan since he's lost 30 pounds but that's hard to come by. We'll work on weekends away in 2012 before he physically fades away.

9/12/11...I'm pretty sure I'll have plenty of this in 2012 but I need MORE good behavior and less puppy behavior, please and thank you. Oh, and let's hope for NO ticks in 2012.

9/13/11. Let's hope for more growing of teeth and less losing of teeth in 2012 because that tooth fairy shit is hairy business. Very stressful- especially if you wake up the NEXT morning and realize you forgot. I don't have the nerves for it. Please and thank you.

10/7/11. I look forward to more moments in time with Claire. This was a moment in time when the butterfly made us both stop. I hope for more moments when the stars and moon and birds and bees make us stop and share something between the two of us. Because I know that those moments will, also, be harder to come by.

10/8/11. MORE dinners with friends. Outside. Sunset. Candles. Fresh tomatoes. MORE MORE MORE.

10/26/11. MORE traditions. MORE fun. MORE of the same year after year. It's okay with me if is has to do with love and laughter because that's the best medicine.

Here's to MORE of what you want, what you really really want, in 2012.

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  1. i'll tell ya what i want, what i really, really want. more laughs, more blogs, more confidence/self-esteem for one of my smaller relatives, more happy for everyone. and more cowbell. and i'm with ya that it will be sad day when i'm no longer able to rub smaller relative's heads.