Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Green Mountain Girls Take on Detroit

Do NOT watch this video if:

a. you have less than 23 minutes
b. you get car sick
c. you hate driving in a car for 27 hours
d. you like movies made by an amateur

Watch this video if:

a. you are curious
b. like good music
c. care about how the Green Mountain Girls did at the National Tournament
d. you like movies made by an amateur

Green Mountain Girls Meet Detroit from on Vimeo.

peace be with you,
the Hussy


  1. Captain Excel says...HOLY HECK MG!!! That totally rocks :) I want to watch it again already haha!!!!! Thank you so much for the film and above all for being such a good friend! This trip will always be with us all!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks like you guys had a good time except for the police inducted delays and the brown landscape.

  3. Awesome MG! Way to preserve our memories! Here's to good times we'll never remember with friends we'll never forget!

  4. Nice job!
    That was great,hockey road trips are the best!
    You just inspired me to shoot more video

  5. Rental mini-van.............$247
    Eye-liner & mascara.......$14.69
    Cleveland hotel room......$89.99
    Round-trip gas..............$200
    NY speeding ticket.....giggles, winks
    Awesome tunes..........6 x $0.99
    Rental mini-van damage deductible..$300
    Ohio speeding ticket........$220
    Video documentary of all above..PRICELESS

  6. Hey Drama Queen, there is a fishing guide in Ranier, MN whose name is Woody. One of his slogan's is "We'll take a hook in the ass, but we won't take American Express". I definitely took a hook in the ass on this trip!