Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Because I took a hundurd pictures in and of the desert I'm going to include just a few here. Because I love ya more than mud I'm not going to make you watch a slide show of all of them. And because I can, I'm going to comment on all of them. Why?

Because it's just more proof that I still can't figure out how to make two things in the same frame in focus. Because this flower blooms once and is done.

Because Timmy fell backwards onto this cactus and poked his ass. Because I was a mean mom and laughed.

Because new growth is always worth documenting and commenting on. New growth? I hope you're experiencing it- except not on your face and/or muffin top.

Because I love seeing Paul Bunyan flip the spawn in the air like pancakes.

Because Paul Bunyan loves the water more than a polly wog, I get to lounge in a lounge chair. A lot of times. Uhm, all the time.

Because somehow a mermaid was ripped from my body 9 years ago.


Because sometimes you CAN play too hard.

Because, well, his ass is tight.

Because, at least, it was fast enough for him.

Because Paul Bunyan likes the cold spa and Auggie doesn't.

Because three hours in the pool just wasn't enough.

Because skidding out can use up many many many hours.

Because some professional photographer was taking a picture of this 'blooming' saguaro with a lens as thick and as long as my left leg.

Because I didn't have a lens as thick and as long as my left leg.

Because sometimes there is beauty in death.

Because last year when we went to the desert, everything was in bloom. This year, it was slim pickings. But somehow, in the desert, things still bloom without water.

Because I'm used to looking up at the undercarriage of a poplar.

Because shade is hard to come by in the desert.

Because we made it the 2.5 miles to 7 Falls, where the falls weren't really falls, but the water was still cold.

Because Paul Bunyan has to swim in every single cold body of water that we come by. Even if he can only do a push-up in it.

Because the Easter Bunny got the memo to come on Saturday (because Sunday we were going to be rolling out at 5 a.m. from a hotel room to catch a 7 a.m. flight). Because he brought lollipops in the shape of saguaros.

Because my 9 year old daughter still believes despite every hint given to the truth. It takes a lot of work to believe that wholeheartedly. I'm sweating just thinking about it.


  1. That all looks like a bunch of heaven. I want to go to that heaven. Now.

  2. you're the world's greatest photogauthor. because i said so.