Sunday, February 6, 2011

Timmy's Tale Told By Me

Okay, so I'm exaggerating the size of his helmet. But by gosh am I glad he was wearing one.

And okay, so I might be exaggerating the rail slide. But by gosh he's getting close.

Timmy wanted me to let you know that he had poles too. Yup. First day using them.

Timmy said things went black after that.

And when he came to he felt like he was in a bubble.

He got all these questions wrong.

But I'm glad there was no blood.

Timmy told me the board was blue.

And that they tipped him upside down when he puked Doritos.

But I'm not sure of all the facts. I wasn't there. Which was probably a very good thing. But I did this little exercise to help me visualize. And it helped me realize that we need not think the helmet thing a conspiracy theory by the helmet manufacturers. And it also made me realize that we need to slow the f' down.

Timmy is his punky self again. Already tired of being made to sit down while everyone else gets to jump on the bed. The brain, I guess, has this incredible ability to heal. I just hope it can withstand a few more hits; because I'm fairly certain this will not be its only blow. Be good to us brain. Please.


  1. Phew. Glad he is okay. I bet it's hurting your head more than his. Hope you're okay too.

  2. Praise the Lord I don't believe in....