Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Timeline, of sorts.




Are you still there?

I feel like I just came up in some metal tube from under the ground. And, like, I was there, like, for two months. Weird. I'm guessing you're still around. But I'm not sure you've been there at all.

So, I hope you're there.

I got washed away in the Mothership. If you were wondering.

Don't know if I've ever really introduced you to the Mothership. When I met Paul Bunyan he lived down the street from me on South Prospect Street in Burlington, VT. Paul was a little confused during his senior year so he didn't know whether to be in love with me or not, or to be with his friends or not, or to smoke some more pot or not, or to go to Alaska or not. He was all upside down and turned around. He was addicted to a few things including, but not limited to, turtles, BIG fish, BIG snakes, a SKINK, frogs, toads and lots of lizards.

The members of the Mothership each have their own tales about what animal escaped when and which couch it hid in and for how long. Any way you look at it, it was insane to step foot into that house. 9 (NINE) guys, two floors, and lots of crazy shit going on- stories, that some day after I've heard them for the upteenth time, I'll take the time to write down.

When Paul Bunyan and I got married 12 years ago the Mothership was sort of dissolved. I think they were finding and winding their ways back across the country to figure out what they were going to do with their lives. It having been only 2 years from graduation, I'm not sure where any of them really were. Well, I know Dirty Steve was still in Burlington but that's because he was too busy loitering around Handy's Lunch to move on and up in the world.

This is the man known as Dirt. He no longer loiters. He is, however, the last of the Mothership to get married. But that's another story for another time. Or so they say.

Now, back to what I was saying. Rob and Tim were the only two to be invited to our wedding. Not to say that Paul Bunyan didn't love or appreciate any of the other 6 guys, I just don't think he really 'knew' them in the biblical way that many of the other guys 'knew' each other.

When Tim and Alana:

got married in the summer of 2000 in Newport, R.I. the Mothership was starting to take shape. Many of the guys believe it's because of Dirt, who like a faithful woman, keeps in touch and gossips with all her girlfriends. He keeps everyone in the loop and has done so since this wedding. Now mind you, Dirt graduated that spring from UVM...4 years after the rest of the Mothership, and had NOTHING to do.

Tim and Alana now live in Lake Forest, IL with their three beautiful kids and two crazy dogs.

Now, somewhere between the summer of 2000 and the summer of 2002- let's just guess here that it was the summer of 2001- the boys of the Mothership got together up at Rainy Lake, Minnesota for their first Reunion. There were four things involved: fishing, brown liquor clinics, backgammon playing, and eating.

But it was on this trip (and you'll see it there on the Budhead third from the left) that a certain Minnesota Viking cap was purchased at the Minneapolis/St.Paul airport. And the rest, as they say, is history.

In the summer of 2002, Brie and Adam tied the knot.

They've been voted the best looking couple of the Mothership, but Steve hasn't gotten married yet, so I'm not sure that's a fair vote. These two had their nuptials on a mountain top near Boulder, the town they now reside in with their two handsome and wonderfully behaved boys. Brie's "capping" began the tradition of "inducting" the wives into the Mothership with a simple ceremony. Not sure whose idea it was, but it became 'the way' from this day onward.

You'll have to excuse the woman talking in the foreground but if you listen closely you can hear Paul Bunyan welcoming Brie into the Mothership:

Here's a little 'extra' high quality video I took after a few brown liquor drinks and during the longest party I've ever attended, following the most beautiful wedding I've ever attended, which happened to have started at the earliest hour I've ever attended a wedding.

And here's where it gets a little foggy for me.

Jared elopes in Hawaii in 2003 with his wife Diana and they now live in Aspen, CO with their two sweet girls. Diana gets to miss the "induction" into the Mothership. Boo.

The beeps are kinda quiet in 2004 and 2005. Don't know why??

But in 2006 Jeff and Shea get hitched in Steamboat Springs, CO. It was a cold fall weekend. I just remember skinny dipping in a reservoir on the way up and over Rabbit Ears pass. Shea readily accepts her initiation. There was good dancing. And many a drink.

In 2007 the boys gather again in South Carolina for a guys only reunion.

There were four things involved: fishing, brown liquor clinics, backgammon playing, and eating. I shouldn't say that. This picture shows that they tried to play some golf.

And then our sweet sweet Craig and Michelle in 2008.

Friends may come,

And friends may go,

But now they have little Cooper to show. They reside in the town I was born in: Reading PA!!

And, then, last June 2009:

You can par ruse my outline about it here. Miss Zoey welcomed us with open arms, as we did her. Paul Bunyan never felt prouder to put that Viking hat on another woman.

The boys hit the rapids in Colorado this past June. There were four things involved: fishing, brown liquor clinics, backgammon playing, and eating. I shouldn't say that. Dirt says that there wasn't any backgammon being played, but if there was he would have won. AND two of the Mothership are sober now. It's a good thing, as Martha Stewart says. I'm sure in time there will be more. Lastly, one is on his back, literally, after having back surgery. And as time goes on, I'm sure there will be more.

And now. Now.

The Mothership was in the house this past weekend- 12 of the 18- for Uncle Stinky Jon's wedding (the 8th member of the Mothership to get hitched). This is a slideshow of photos I took at the ceremony. The song is from Jon's brother's CD: David Marshall with a Little Big Chicken. This song was drifting from Jon's bedroom in the basement of the Mothership the first time I made out with Paul Bunyan in the winter of 1995. I was leaning up against an old school style video game. It was our first date. Don't judge me. I fell in love with him that night. Because he finished my dinner.

A Fall Wedding in Vermont from on Vimeo.

And in so many many ways, I fell in love with the Mothership that night too. But as of late, I think it's the ladies. It's Alana, Brie, Michelle, and Zoe. I love laughing and eating and drinking and dancing with you ladies. We bring out the best in the Mothership. I'm convinced of it. And frankly, it might have been Dirt initially who kept the ship alive with all his beep beep beeping. But now, now it's us. We'll see you on the beach ladies- minus the men!!


  1. Another well done blog and I am in it! a little teary there and the video! I had no idea there was documentation of my wedding. I really didn't know you yet... what a beautiful thing Hussy, I am so glad we are family now!
    Beach or desert?

  2. glad you're back H! not sure what to make of all this new information - but i'm glad you guys have so many interesting folk in your lives. now go get your teeth cleaned.

  3. This made me cry. I miss you guys. xoxo Zoe

  4. I am crying too! Boy we are a sentimental bunch!!! Amazing Mary, and I can't get enough of what we have going... When can we all be together again?

    XOXO Alana