Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dog Dayz

Sydney was looking a bit glum today after having been stuck inside for 10 straight hours yesterday. I, too, was stuck in a small room with fluorescent lights, but I'll have to tell you about that another day. When there is a conclusion to my saga. I hope there will be a conclusion to my saga. But, yes, Sydney had a big day out. Liebe too, but she's my copilot on many family outings. It was Sydney today who flew to the moon. She was in doggy scent heaven. She was a country girl in the city...poopin on the sidewalk.

Buddy Dubay and the Minor Key were the main event at the Humane Society's big 16th annual Walk For the Animals and this meant that I had to be there.

She and I and the other one too, we did a lot of dog watching.

We watched them prance by.

Sometimes in droves, often times in pairs, mostly as singletons.

Some stopped for photos. You can tell she just got her hair hot ironed.

And some were foaming at the mouth to just keep on keepin' on .

We saw short dogs.

And tall dogs.

And big dogs.

And small dogs.

Majestic dogs.

Pointy dogs.

And slobbery ones too.

We saw beauty school dropouts.

And behavioral school dropouts.

Lucy was excited to show me her new perm.

She implored me to take a picture of her good side. I could do nothing but oblige.

Sydney got hypnotized by this dog.

"Now look into my eyes..."

I was very excited to see her making new friends.

Although Sydney totally dissed this guy when she saw his funky teeth. She likes em' straight. I tried to explain to her that it's what is inside that counts. She was all like, "whateva mom, I didn't like how he smelled anyway."

But you really could smell the love in the air. Especially near the garbage cans.

I totally forgot everything I've been worrying about. I even totally forgot to watch Claire sing- but don't tell her that. She's been extremely sensitive lately. Sydney and me and Liebe, we smelled the shade and a few butts, ate dropped hot dogs (well, not me), a few doggy treats (yea, not me), got to know each other again. We checked teeth, toe nails, size of fatty lumps; we pulled out clumps of hair, rubbed backs and bellies; we sat sweetly.

We relished in free Ben and Jerry's (yea, okay, me). There is nothing better.


  1. Ah hussy were you sniffin' butts too! You didn't have a "not me" after that one!

    Hopefully we'll never meet in public ;)

  2. I want a puppy.

  3. i bet sydney was the oldest butt sniffer out there, or at least, the oldest canine butt sniffer. looks like it was quite a hoot.

    my cool animal experience that beautiful day was meeting 2 new neighbors at the camp, while i was busy staining ceiling paneling. i had the best staining station setup ever, with an awesome view of the lake. 2 diving ducks came to visit (50 yds out), and i was starting to convince myself they were loons even though there aren't any breeding pairs noted on the big lake yet... after ~20 minutes of them diving for breakfast, they started goofing off. one was running on the top of the water, and the other started twirling in place on top of the water. and then the yodeling started... so cool!

  4. I just want to lie down in that grass and play with some of those pups. (Except the slobbery ones. That I cannot abide.)