Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Just Me, Trying To Make Sense of a Sad World

I haven't been able to really sit down and see images of the total destruction in Haiti until today. I'm haunted now by the images of the bodies piling up outside the morgues and am regretful that I turned on CNN. I don't do well with visions like that. I still carry around in my arms those two children in the movie Slumdog Millionaire. You know, the ones living in the cardboard tent...on the flats of a landfill...eating the garbage? And that was a movie.

I will give money to the UN for aide. But what I'd really like to do is bring home one of those babies I heard crying in the background as some American journalist stood in a makeshift hospital talking about how the orphans were kneeling at the bedsides of their dead mothers. And now I can't make their cries go away.

So I eat chocolate.
And hug my children a little tighter.

Stories of loss have been circling my inner ear for weeks now. Two local boys killed in a house fire on Christmas eve. Paul Bunyan came home with images imprinted on his brain of family circling the sole survivor of a car crash in which his best friend died. Local artist and my children's favorite author shot himself in his car last week.

I guess it comes in tidal waves. And I'm not that great of a swimmer.

So I eat more chocolate.
And hug my children a little tighter.

And because I can't buy one of those Haitian orphans, although I'd like to, I do a little retail therapy closer to home and I buy my favorite Stephen Huneck print, so we can all remember the man and his sense of humor.

And to remind us to sniff each other a little more closely, just in case we need to remember the scent of each other if, perchance, we don't get to see each other tomorrow.


  1. Tough week indeed, but keep up the chocolate and loving the fam! A friend at work knew Stephen Huneck pretty well (a fellow doggie person with 7 of her own...a bro and sis of a couple of Stephen's pups). She was very upset by this as matter the manner, death I do not understand.

  2. PS congrats! You're up to 400 Profile Views!!!

  3. the enormity of the haitian tragedy is still uncomprehensible.

    i was in 'haiti' once. 6yrs ago, our cruise ship - 2nd largest model in the world at the time - ported for a day in 'Labadee'. No country was listed, so i thought it was a tiny caribbean country i had never heard of. it was a gated-off spit of land - with beautiful palm trees and beaches and hammocks. the fence, which i didn't see, kept the 'locals' from mingling with us fat, lazy americans. We discovered (i think that day) that we were actually in Haiti. Royal Caribbean did it's best not to highlight that fact.

    my pseudo in-laws left for their annual caribbean cruise 2 days after the 7.0 event. i always feel a twinge of jealously when they head off. but not this year. how could i float near Haiti in a boat larger than any building in Vermont, with more food, comfort and luxury than anyone deserves.....

  4. "In January 2010, just after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Royal Caribbean decided to continue its luxury cruises to the private port. The corporation announced it would be donating US$1 million to fund relief efforts in Haiti, and to use cruise ships to ferry relief supplies and personnel."