Monday, July 27, 2009

Crazy Uncle Chris' Crazy Kids

In the moment after the boys were pulled from my cut open belly Paul Bunyan, and I don't know how he really saw anything through his tears and, I mean, the boys were all goopy red and blue from my schmegma, and so I don't really know HOW he could see my brother Chris in their faces, but well, he did. So, Paul Bunyan, yells out...after exclaiming to the world "They're BOYS!!," he yells out to me, because he must have assumed that not only am I torn open with my insides sitting on my chest but I must also be deaf, he yells..."They're Little Chris'!!". Oh Shit, I thought. I already had a mini-me. Do they really need to look like my brother? I mean, he's all handsome and stuff. And now, like, when they're 16 and all, what am I going to do?

I think the boys still look like my brother. I think they have his build, which is good since he can run, like, 50 miles at a time...up mountains. So, as nature would have it, I was really curious to see if (you know) either of my 14 month old niece or nephew would have (you know) any of me in them, maybe. I sorta got disinvited to my parent's camp in upstate N.Y., but I showed up anyway. Because of this:

And because it's really important for this to happen:

Especially since this sweet nookums lives all the way across the country. Okay, so she looks like her mother. Fine. Whatever.

And he looks like his father, but that's okay....they can have a little of me in them; ya know, personality wise. I mean, they're blood. Right?

So, I can do this. I mean, I'm really good at this. So is she.

And so is he. They both ate my kids under the table.

And I used to look this cute in overalls...right about the same time I was pregnant with the big girl over there. Yea, that's right around the time overalls were "in".

And I have blue eyes. And she has blue eyes.

And he has blue eyes.

And I LOVE wildflowers.

I, however, don't squish mine.

I love tubs. Especially warm ones, like this. I'm not a big fan of the lake water these days. I gotta be HOT...super HOT.

This momma bird sat on her nest incubating these babies for months and look at her now...she's chasing these rug rats around like there was no sitting, or waiting, or hoping they stay inside her belly till they're big enough to breath on their own!

OOOhh, I'm really good at these. But I don't get too many chances these days to take naps, but life is a circle and someday I'll fall asleep in the kayak too.

Or playin' in the rain. My blood tingles when I get a chance to do that.

Doesn't it just light up your life?

But I think, maybe...this one here. This little girl here. I think she may have some of my silliness in her, sunk down in her bones and hiding for times when she feels like swinging her arms in the air when the only music to dance to is the tune in her head.

But no matter what...whether they're like me, or look like me, they're mine. My own neice and nephew, my only brother's children. And although I might only see them once a year (far too little enough time), I know that they'll know their Aunt Mayme in some some unexplainable way. Because they got bits of me in them. All sorts of different crazy bits.

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