Friday, February 20, 2015

To My 13 Year Old Daugher: 13 Things I'd Like To Apologize For

My daughter turns 13 today at 2:00 in the afternoon.  I have a 13 year old.  Somehow it's felt like I've had a 13 year old for about 3 years now, but today it's official.  Here are 13 things I'd like to apologize to her for. 

1) I'm sorry you're in the throws of your hormonal hurricane right now.  It sucks.  I think, in time, you might forget about it but there may be a few things that you won't forget.  You probably won't forget the conversation you and your father and I had last week.  You probably won't forget the time you regrettably connected your IMessage account to the family computer so we could see all of your texts.  You probably won't forget how embarrassed you were when you realized that your parents had seen what you and your friends have been talking about, and had seen the photos you and your friends have been texting each other.  We're hoping you won't forget how we weren't mad at you, just wanted you to realize that maybe you were stepping over a line and that we care deeply about you.  I'm sorry if I made you mad for looking at your texts.  It means I'm doing my job.

2) I'm sorry you got your period.  It sucks.  There is no other way to describe it.  It just plain sucks...bad.  I remember waking up in the mornings having bled through onto my sheets too.  It fucking sucks.  I'm sorry.

3) I'm sorry I get upset with you when you're being narcissistic.  I really just want an empathetic and kind, thoughtful daughter.  My friends all tell me it's natural, that teens are supposed to be self-absorbed assholes right now.  But I hate it.  I'm sorry if you see the disappointment in my eyes.

4) I'm sorry that you have two brothers and that they annoy you.  But I'm not sorry that I stand up for them when you're being mean.  So, I'm sorry not sorry.

5) I'm sorry that their hockey schedule right now seems so out of control.  I do spend more time with them right now.  I'm sorry about that.  Like, really sorry. 

6) I'm sorry I'm not more girly.  That I don't love hair, make-up and nails is something that I'll always regret.  I love that you love it but I'm sorry we can't share the love.

7) I'm sorry that we don't have a mansion to live in.  You have always really liked big houses.  And ours ain't one of them.  Sorry.

8) I'm sorry that we live in Vermont.  I know you hate winter and the cold.  You hate not being able to walk down the street to go to your favorite yogurt shop.  I know you'll end up in a city somewhere.  But a piece of me hopes that you'll always want to come back to Vermont- that there's a kernel of love in your heart for this place that means so much to your father and me.

9) I'm sorry that we sometimes have a messy house.  The job wheel isn't really workin' out.  You keep your room really picked up and I appreciate that.  I know living in a messy house kinda irks you.  It does me, too.  I suck at keeping house.  Hopefully you don't inherit that gene from me.

10) Speaking of genes, I'm sorry if you're short.  That sucks.  I know.  My fault.  Wish it weren't so.

11) I'm sorry I let you watch shitty t.v.  I mean the Kardashians, really?  What a waste of time.  Think of how much smarter we all could be if we turned the stupid thing off.  

12) I'm sorry that you're brother got you sick on your birthday.  I hate germs just as much as you do.  Maybe more.  I hate it more when your brother wipes his fucking boogers on his hands. 
13) I'm sorry that I don't tell you more often that I love you, think you're great, pretty, smart, awesome.  I need to do that.  You're all of those things and more.  But I inherited the critical gene from my father and so I often just see all the shit you don't do (dishes), instead of all the amazing shit you do do.  Like this play- you're going to kill it as Tiger Lily.  You're going to be amazing.  Incredible.  Fabulous.  I can't wait to see you shine on that stage.  Shine. On. That. Stage.

I love you with all of my heart,


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  2. oh my god…as in, oh my god how is she 13? she was 4 five minutes ago.